Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring is Here!

I don't understand how to strategically place the pictures on this blog. The above pictures are from Balboa Park in San Diego. Robert took me to the Annie Liebowitz photo exhibit today. Besides my friend Wendy, she is my favorite photographer and I love her work. There were over 200 photos displayed and it was fabulous! In the park there is also an International Area that has seperate houses to depict different countries. They are staffed with volunteers and everyone has food to share and fun information about the country they represent. I especially loved visiting the Ireland house. We were curious about another area of the park that was an aircraft museum but all these younger people were flocking to it. We went and discovered they were having a fashion and lifestyle show. It was geared toward a younger, more hip crowd but we enjoyed the fashion show and of course, I found some things to buy too.

I can't believe how fast time goes by! Over the past few weeks I have lost a boss that I really admired and enoyed working with overnight. He just suddenly resigned and I didn't get to say goodbye. Last week my friend and co-worker Jocelyn, that I have worked with for the past 8 years, passed away of a sudden heart attack - she was 52 years old! Kelli turned 17 and is visiting her boyfriend who lives near me so it's nice to see her more often. Last weekend I spent in Santa Barbara with Rose. I had the opportunity to stay in a great hotel overlooking downtown San Diego and the bay from the 15th floor last week for a work related conference. Friday night I went to a Casino Night for the Chamber of Commerce and won a few thousand (play dollars) on the BlackJack tables. My dealer was a dream because he sort of "advised" me when I should take a hit or stand!! One of my Make a Wish kids will be getting his wish next weekend - a shopping spree at Guitar Center and I get to participate in his wish party after the shopping spree. I met with another young lady that has cancer and we will be working on her wish over the next few weeks. My volunteer work with the Make a Wish Foundation and the Human Society is so rewarding and I meet some great people.

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