Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun in Hong Kong

This is the hotel we are staying at in Hong Kong and there's a mall attached that has all these cheesy areas to take photos - apparently lots of weddings use this mall for their photos. It's the year of the rat so I guess it's good luck to have your picture taken with the bride and groom rat?

I found a place to get a massage within the first 24 hours of being here. It was $24 for one hour of bliss. I really needed to get the kinks out after that long plane ride to get here.

Just me and the girls at one of the "photo" places in the mall.

Sightseeing in Hong Kong

The McDonalds here sells these cups of corn and this is a floating restaurant we saw while touring the fisherman's village. Families that make a living by fishing live on their boats in this village.

This is one of Hong Kong's beach resorts - you know how I love the beach! Fung Shei is taken seriously here as one of these buildings was built with a hole (about 5 stories tall) to leave room for the dragon that lives in the mountains to get through to the water.

This is a picture of a temple on Repulse Bay.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kelli - Texas - Wine Tasting

For whatever reason I can't seem to post these pictures in order. This is Phyllis' place in Texas. It's an adorable guest house in Fredericksburg which is between Austin and San Antonio. It's great to take a relaxing bubble bath after wearing yourself out shopping all the great stores in this fun tourist town.

There really is a Luckenback Texas that Willie Nelson sings about. Dooley's is the old fashioned five and dime store in town. It has everything - remember those?

Phyllis made me hike this huge mountain - actually it's about 500 feet up this solid granite rock which is the largest piece of granite in the United States. It's called Enchanted Rock and I almost made it to the top. Going up was not too bad but it's pretty steep coming down!!!

This is the front yard of a bed and breakfast where deers roam with miniature donkeys, camels (yes, camels) and ostrich. They all seem to get along pretty well.

BarBQ is serious business here in Texas. It looked so good we ordered an obscene amount of meat.

Back home here's a picture of Marv and I along with his son Jeremy and Ashley. We had a fun everning out drinking margaritas!
This is a couple of picture from our wine tasting excursion in Temecula. The occasion was to celebrate with our friend Mary that retired from her job. It was a fun day sampling too much wine and enjoying the great weather.

Thank you to everyone that sponsored me in the Walk With the Animals. Keely was my walking partner (Mark's dog) and here's another picture of her celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, that is my little Kelli who is pregnant and will be having a boy the end of May. She is just now turning 18 and all grown up.
Okay, that's about it for the update. I'm leaving for China on April 15th so will have some pictures posted when I'm traveling.