Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend in Santa Barbara

This is Robert and Alex at the Mission in Santa Barbara. They had tons of artists painting streetscapes for the holiday weekend. Alex saw Roberts camera and they took about 900 pictures during the day. She looks like a "natural" doesn't she?
Loved the hat on this chick!
This was my personal favorite.
My mom and dad weren't really into the paintings. Looks like mom is searching for something in her purse and that is a sucker in her mouth not a cigarette.
It was a beautiful day at the Mission and lots of great paintings and people watching. Caught a moment with Tori hugging Julie that I think is exceptionally sweet.

Rose and Family in Santa Barbara

This is my friend Rose with her grandson Tony, his wife Julie and their kids, Tori, Brandon and Alex. Rose lives in Santa Barbara and doesn't get to see Tony and his family too often as they live in Scottsdale, AZ.
Rose and Tony
Tori, Julie and Brandon
Me and Rose
Tori, Tony and Alex

Eyelash Extensions?????

One of the signs of aging is that you seem to lose your eyelashes so imagine my excitement at learning about these extensions. It takes 3 hours to put them on initially and then about 1 hour every 3 weeks to keep them looking good. They are attached with some Korean glue to your own lashes so when your lashes fall out so do these. I think they look great. No more mascara!!!

Lola and Lexi

Well who are these funny looking dogs? It's Lola and Lexi with their new Doggles. They didn't get to go to the Walk for the Animals because I was working the event so I thought they deserved some trinket from the event. I think they hate them but they's have to wear them anyway because I crack up when they have them on. I'm easily amused/

Dad's Birthday and Mother's Day

This is my dad with his Harry James CD collection I bought him for his birthday. He's pretty tough to buy for these days but seemed happy to get these CDs of music he loved in his wild days.
We are all at a Mother's Day Tea that the Rotary put on in Hemet. My friend Robin is the President this year so we were blessed to get to spend time with her mom and daughters along with Val and her daughter. That's my mom on the right. She never smiles.
Robin and her mom. Her mom is so funny. She told me she's a Pisces so she doesn't have to make sense.
Oooops! Do I detect a smile on my mom's face. Maybe she's happy to be sharing the day with me and all these lovely ladies!
Jessica and Mindy are Robin's daughters and I never realized how much they look alike until I saw them side by side.