Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arizona - Brittany's Graduation

Marv and I went to Arizona for Brittany's graduation. Marv, Jeff and Tony spent the day on the golf course while we were getting ready for the party. There was a bit of excitment a couple of doors down the street - a man had stabbed himself in the abdomen and his wife was running around yelling for help. I thought she was just some crazy woman but apparently she had come into the garage and found her husband with this huge knife in his stomach. Luckily, Jennifer had watched enough Grey's Anatomy to know we shouldn't pull it out and we called the paramedics for the woman and the man is okay.
That's Brittany in the yellow with her mom, Jenn and Auntie Laura!
Brittany and new mommy Kelli.
Tyler has gotten so tall. He's now living with his Aunt Debbie and Kelli brought their younger brother Ruben for the visit.
Relaxing after the celebration with Marv and Lola.

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