Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Car?

I know it's silly to get sentimental about a car but I really was sad to sell my RAV4. I guess it's all the memories that I had during the 7 years I owned it. Here's my snazzy new Camry! I haven't had a car for about 15 years having had my truck and then the SUV.

French Festival - More dogs and Femme Fatale Drag Revue

How do I look ladies?
Notice the matching striped shirts and berets?
She was one of the Can Can dancers and then participated with her doggie in the Poodle Parade.
Ooh La La!!!! Who is this? He was a bonus at the festival as part of the Femme Fatale Drag Revue.
Yes, this hottie is a male. All the entertainers were quite good and this particular singer really knew how to strut her? stuff!

This was a really fun event with great French food, lots of fun stuff to buy and great entertainment. I think it will become an annual event for me.

French Festival - Poodle Parade in Santa Barbara

Here's some great pics from last weekend at the French Festival in Santa Barbara. It always makes me feel better when I see that there are people crazier than I with their dogs.
Mon Ami! Is that the Mona Lisa?
Black dress with pearls for Madame and the black poodle?
These dogs looks a bit still?
Mon Cheri - we should always have an unbrella to shade our delicate skin from the sunshine. Whoops! I only think I am a French Poodle.